Floating Roots

Metaphysics. Fancy word. I have a vague and deepening understanding of the concept. Where does my curiosity come from? What is the root of my emotional urge to learn more. My draw to it’s ethereal energy. To feel that everything is connected. That there are messages, anywhere, everywhere, under trees, beneath the psyche, in every human interaction. Feels like the old adage, “everything happens for a reason” belongs here. To feel that and not only have faith in that, but to have tethers of truth teasing us along our introspective innocence. In innocent curiosity, this practice is tantalizing. To look at ourselves in the mirror. To reflect on our mishaps, mistakes and the things that shape and create, is to see this lattice of all the beautiful intertwined divine intervention always present. Pulling the strings. Fate. Free will feels like a front to give us the illusion that we have a semblance of control… I’m not so sure it’s real. I’m not so sure it’s not. At the end of the day, we chart a direction, but a deeper spirt flows us where we are supposed to go. That is my belief, and I am not sticking to it.

Syncronicities. Too many to count. It brings a smile to my face when the symbols of life start to swirl and dance together in my projected reality. To see the repeated numbers that teach lessons alongside the rabbit that runs across the street minutes after discussing their implications on Native American society. The flow continues to go as long as we so let it. Intrigue fuels these connections or so it seems. Or does it just put us on the frequency to open our eyes to what has always been there? We like to feel like we are in control of our destiny. I’m not sure. But the more I let my heart guide the way and trust, the more peace and abundance my life springs forth. Unfolding.

Chakras. Aligned. Energy moves. It dances up the spine in a cyclical serpent like sway and prey. Energizing our passions. We are a colorful array of a spectrum of light enchanted when we pick up the paintbrush and say hello to the rainbow. Certain spaces seem denser and darker and thats where we shed light so that our serpents may slide along smoothly. Surrendering helps. Envisioning envelops. There are colors within and without and to tap into the smooth strokes of life and appreciate every dip dive and depth of dodging color delicately demonstrating different gifts. Blend them, combine them, trust them as they take us further on a healing journey. You may prefer yellow, dance with blue. Red may be ready, but press on with purple. See it all. Feel it all. Be it all. Paint.

Where does the energy stop? Go there. Shine light there. Sit with it. Illusions holding us in places that we dare not venture for fear of what may be revealed. Revelatory reactions to releasing what no longer serves us. What feels so strongly pulling us under water. Hard to breathe. Choking on past, inundated by future expectations. Goals guiding and grounding, as opposed to forcing swerving and chasing and hurting. So many miracles to be made, or to let it wash us down the river. Believe in the process. Action! Let go. Unwind, and come to find. Freedom and passion in a healthier ration. The dance is confounding, the waves they are pounding. If you fight with the current, denying whats current. We decrease the momentum of the moment that’s spent numb. Mind involved in the banter, follow me I’m a ranter. But my ranting and raving feels special I’m braving, to a space in the stillness where we shine in our brilliance.

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