Hats, Spoons, God & More...

My dream is to travel to remote parts of the world, and live the lives of a million people. To connect to the different walks of life, and share their stories in a deepening fashion for all. To connect to how people view God, and life and death and adventure. To experience cultures far removed, and jobs from intriguing and revolutionary to purely simple. From fishing boats in the Northwest with disgruntled sailors staring through me and growling to diabolically peaceful weeks spent meditating with Buddhist monks in the Tibetan mountains to living on a vineyard in Italy and learning how to make beautiful sauces in the company of rolling hills and laughter. To the inner cities as a teacher shining a light in often overlooked darkness to places that open your heart and bring you closer to the fabric of life and the love we are capable feeling in the adventure of the now. Join me. Please. I'm begging you. Let's dance up mountains, flow down rivers, and be the love we want to spread through this wonderful world.

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