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Updated: May 28, 2020

FLOW is personal. It's your relationship to the divine. Through my lens, flow is the space beneath the words, where we are connected to our higher power. The reasoning mind is shut off, and it allows for our bodies to be at one with our environment. To me, this is releasing as opposed to formative. I do not believe that action and discipline leads to flow. Flow feels like a letting go of the illusion of control. Resistance fades away, and the connection between you and the game or the artwork becomes one. The third party is the divine. Furthermore, there are no parties. No separation. I believe we try to take too much credit for these feelings, or search too desperately for it. We can then say, "Hey, look at me. I found flow. I am a master." Wherein we more likely stumbled upon something that has always been there. There is an argument for disciplined action putting us in the space to find expert level flow. But I believe that flow can be accessed at every level, if we are capable of letting go of the rational mind and be at one with the moment. I am willing to contradict myself. Flow has many portals, and I am interested in hearing how you have experienced flow. What it has felt like to you. How you believe you got there... In my experience, it is effortless, sliding and gliding. It makes me laugh at all the times I've grinded or fought to aggressively hammer through an obstacle. I still have a minor attachment to that identity. I believe in hard work, but not in the form of pressing deliriously. Banging our head against a wall, and then glorifying our own achievements. I believe improvement comes easier than this. It can be more gentle. Dreams can be cradled by visualization and creativity. Flow is balance. Not doctored balance. But the balance, the yin and yang that is always available. Natural. It feels as if it is under the surface, capable of being tapped into at the drop of a hat. Does it take action to tune in? Alignment is freedom. To be alright with who we are and where we are, and fully connect to the present moment. It's through our senses. These portals when squeezed or constrained lead us to struggle. When we start to look at life as how we can best it or use it. To find distractions that feel like flow but have rubber band like extremes. This is a way to live too. And I have lived this way for a while. We all have. But if we know how easy it is to access. Through our imagination. The ease of the present moment. I got to this moment of peace and clarity through what feels like a Spartan race on a mountain on fire wearing a shock collar. Was it ever that hard? Was it through my effort or would I have flowed here eventually and possibly more smoothly? To plant our flag in a conquering conquest of our own humanity seems to be missing the point. At the end of the day, we get to a point of gratitude. Encountering a deeper purpose and passion. A oneness. One that I want to pass along to the next generation. Not by telling them how to access it. But by showing them that it's already ours.

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