Short Stop

Teetering on the edge of birthing our own creation and surrendering to the divine plan. The balance. Can we acknowledge both, and know ourselves well enough to know when to rest? To know when to dance? To know when to tell that little voice in your head to shut up, and keep springing forward. Producing, motivating, conquering, concluding. It feels good to bring about that brashness and do things that are difficult. Enjoy the cold. Feel pain, soarness, difficulty and rise. These are the spaces that over time, if you're not careful will begin to be protected by the ego. Safety, security feels like a comfy blanky, and that mind unwatched will continually have you running from the things that matter most to confront.

In my case, I had been consistently avoiding the responsibility of "growing up" or taking on more, expanding. Your mind can expand, but if it's not aligned with and in conjunction with the heart opening, there will be a lot of fantasizing, and not much execution. At least that was how my reality was shaped for a while. Love can be accountability too. I had forgotten that. And I am not sure whether that is my own perspective or the way of the world, but I had tended to see it everywhere I looked. Change your perspective, and maybe you find yourself in new conversations, new experiences, and moving towards healthier tomorrows today. Everything, of course, has to slow down drastically for that to happen. But these moments in between. In which we have the still pause to relax into our hard work are where I have found bliss and a piece of divinity. Sure proof, internally. Trusting that connection as the deepest source you have encountered. How do you touch this space? This presence of peace, eternally alright here in the moment. What brings you there? Go there. To the gentle stillness. Breathe into it. Recognize the beauty. Create from that still point. Ease.

A reminder that the quiet is an ally. A racing mind is an illusion that feels so damn real. Sink deeper. For longer. Then share what you encounter. From that space, there is so much to learn. So much to teach. From that individual soul divinity, lessons and beauty. Uniqueness, it's thrilling.

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